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Introduction: Healthy wealthy and wise always 

         <strong>healthy sunset</strong>   Our main purpose is to help guide people towards their desires in life, to become better people, not only to realize that being healthy is to be wealthy, which, to be attained requires attention to physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of ones life to be able to attain true health and wealth.

            Through many difficulties I faced in my life I learned much about healing methods especially the need for a holistic approach and the very importance of spiritual matters, and therefore I felt it so important to pass on information gained through experience, and hope that you will find this site a useful guide to the answers you seek.         

        How many people are desperately chasing money or wealth (and that's okay), but who need to find harmony, happiness health and peace first and foremost, within themselves,in order to become healthy and wealthy, and this is most important; for true wealth is,  to have peace, harmony, and joy in ones life. And many people are rich (monetarily that is), but not fulfilled or truly happy.

           They have a vague or strong feeling that something is still missing in their lives, and they, but not all have spent too much time in their lives working out how to make more money, even neglecting their health, which is not wise, and to the detriment of their spiritual growth

            Indeed their family relationships and those with others can indeed suffer badly, due to an imbalance of time  spent on developing their skills in inappropriate  or unimportant  or negative  areas in their lives,  such as addictions.


 And so to achieve a truly healthy and wealthy life, one must analyze ones life. Work on solving and ridding the negative areas which if left unattended can really wreck a persons life by leading them down the wrong path. Replace them with positive working solutions, new actions,discipline, thoughts and ways of thinking, and healing processes which  can be utilized  daily  to bring the person back into a more harmonious state.

            Many people are aware that they are on the wrong track but don't know where to start and so I will try to outline many of the paths in which people look for their healing  or self improvement. Diet is one aspect which is very important, which we will discuss in more detail later on. Healthy living and healthy recipes are vital, these can include low fat recipes,a liquid diet, or a raw food diet. Check out the food pyramid to see what a balanced diet should consist of,especially a protein and carbohydrate balance. So, eat healthy, healthy eating or eating healthy, are most important, including healthy snacks, healthy lifestyle, a healthy diet, a good diet, and health and nutrition are most important for your health and happiness.    

       Hopefully this site will help you to find the right path you need to be healthy and wealthy, but to truly achieve and maintain these benefits one needs a fair amount of wisdom and experience, or have learnt to be wise, and sometimes, perhaps mostly, this is only achieved through experience or trial and error, as many people are not willing to take words of wisdom from their elders, and consequently can suffer. Unfortunately our modern society is very ego based and has many well developed distractions, and entertainment which people escape to; to run away from the reality of their lives , e.g. TV, Internet, games , shopping etc, and not all of these things are bad as long as not excessive,as a bit of healthy escape (preferably outdoors) is good for us sometimes, but they can take, our time, which can be spent more positively in  self development, towards our need to attain true healing, joy, peace and fulfillment     

       So read on to find your path to healing, for true healing often requires a whole new perception and understanding of who as humans we really are and our relation to others and the universe. The very importance of living in the present moment

           If our minds are in the past or future then we are not with it and spoil the moment, for ourselves and others, and quite often a holistic approach needs to be adopted for success as some people are doing so many things incorrectly in their lives.

            We will also discuss some of the basic methods by which people invest their money to get ahead financially in healthy wealthy always; to earn more money, and learn how to become wealthy, and healthy click on the links , for self improvement techniques, above.




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